Sometimes you need
someone to talk to.
Sometimes you need
specific know-how.
Sometimes you just
need empathy.
Sometimes you need
a helping hand.
And sometimes you need
everything together.
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Kathrin Preiswerk

Custom-made Support

Have you been thinking that something in your life needs to change – for weeks, months or even years? Something you couldn’t change on your own or with the support of others? Have you ever considered reviewing your situation with a neutral professional? With a person who combines a wealth of professional and life experience? Who is bound by professional secrecy, is respectful, discreet and a person of integrity? A person who takes her work seriously and yet has a sense of humor?

I am a specialist counsellor who can make a substantial contribution to your quality of life and work. An initial conversation will reveal whether I am the right person for you or not. Still hesitating? Start changing your life today! I can be easily reached via email, text message or cell phone – and I have flexible working hours.
  • Personal crisis
  • Illness
  • Relationship / marriage
  • Family, parents, children
  • Being alone
  • Life goals
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Performance problems
  • Burnout / Risk of burnout
  • Mobbing
  • Work-life balance
  • Professional goals